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Gallery - Glass World

Spółdzielnia Socjalna "Szklany Świat" Bombki

56-320 Krośnice
ul. Kwiatowa 7
Phone: +48 713846619
Fax: +48 713846619

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Social Cooperative "Glass World" from Krośnice (near Milicz) is a producer of glass baubles. Was established in 2009. The Company employs qualified persons which have many years of experience. We guarantee high quality and unique, original designs. Glass baubles and other decorations for Christmas trees we are making throughout the whole year. We have more and more customers who like our original designs of products which are handmade. We make custom Christmas baubles (also with logo of our Social Cooperative) and other ornaments according to customer preferences.

Because our job is day by day less popular and started be very unique we invite you to see our factory. Visitors can see how such a bauble arises. We participate in all kinds of festivals and fairs where we can advertise our products. We are making not just a glass baubles and Christmas decoration but also interior decorative products. These are mainly birds such as swans, cranes, storks and the famous regional milicki carp.

Take a look of our gallery to know more about our products. In the "MEDIA" you will find videos of our cooperative.


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